About Us


Almotti is a gluten free family-owned bakery based in Miami, Florida, founded and operated by Pastry Chef Carlo Raciti, a 3rd generation Sicilian baker, and his wife Rebecca Bechara. Our gluten free dedicated facility specializes in Southern Italian handcrafted gourmet delicacies. We take pride in quality craftsmanship and carefully choose the best all natural ingredients for our products. In order to preserve quality we bake and produce our products in small batches every week.
Carlo was born in Viagrande, Sicily into a family of bakers. True to family traditions, he began his work in the kitchen from a young age, eventually seeking professional schooling from the Chef's Academy in Terni, Italy. In an unexpected turn of events, a vacation in Miami he met the love of his life, Rebecca, and decided to settle down with her, eventually having a boy, Mario Carlo, and a baby girl, Lucia.
With their family just starting to flourish, they soon realized the growing need that existed for preservative free, freshly baked healthy treats that are reminiscent of Carlo’s Italian roots and traditions. Rebecca's experience in sales management and operations combined with Carlo's traditions and schooling in baked goods and nutrition create the foundation that Almotti stands on today. Together they strive to produce fresh gourmet quality products, true to Italian traditions, that are pure and wholesome enough for those we cherish most.

Almotti is a gluten free facility that works with other types of ingredients such as dairy, nuts and eggs. We practice serious caution when preparing all our products and do our best to prevent cross-contamination.
For more information - email us at info@almotti.com. - 786.250.3436